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National Sporting Clays Association


Here’s where you can find answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions:

When will I receive my first magazine issue?

Since we send the list of current members to the publisher 8-12 weeks in advance, it can take that long to receive your first issue.

I am a Life Member. Why have I stopped receiving my magazine?

Life members are required to shoot a minimum of 100 registered targets each year to maintain your subscription. Once you shoot the required targets, the subscription should start automatically in about 8-12 weeks.

Do I need to tell someone at headquarters that I punched up in class?

No, when the shoot report is turned in by the club, it will automatically move you up. With that said, it is very important that you keep a record of your scores and punches. Make sure to let the clubs know you’ve moved up in class because it can take a month for your score to show on the website. You need to move up accordingly.

My score and punches for a particular shoot are on some other website. Why are they not showing on the NSCA website? is the “Official Website” for shoot results; no other website has the “official” shoot reports. NSCA must wait for the clubs to send their shoot reports to headquarters in San Antonio. Clubs holding registered shoots have 15 days to send their shoot reports to NSCA Headquarters, and once headquarters receives the shoot reports, NSCA has 15 days to get the shoot reports input into the NSCA computer system. See rule IV-R-1-c&d on page 38 of the NSCA Rule Book.

How do I know how many punches I earned at a registered shoot?

Punches are awarded based on the number of shooters in class. There is also a punch awarded for being the HOA (high over all) shooter, no matter what class the high shooter is in, when there are LESS THAN 2 shooters in the high shooters class with a minimum of 10 shooters at the shoot; however when an HOA punch is awarded there is no class punch given at the same time.

You can find details on the number of punches awarded at shoots by viewing the Classification System and the NSCA Rule Book.

What is a Penalty Class?

To be eligible for class prizes, monies, and/or awards, a shooter must have his/her target minimums for State Shoots (300 targets), Regional Shoots (300 targets), U.S. Open (500 targets), or Nationals (500 targets), or the shooter will be placed in penalty class, which is one class higher than their current class for all events in the State Shoot, Regional Shoot, U.S. Open or Nationals. See Rule IV-B-3-e, page 24, for State Shoots; Rule IV-B-4-b, page 25, for Regional Shoots; Rule IV-B-5-c, page 25 for U.S. Open; and Rule IV-B-6-b, page 26 for Nationals, of the NSCA Rule Book .