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Club FAQ

Here’s where you can find the answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions:

Has the NSCA considered having ranges pay reduced fees if they will submit shoot statistics online via computer, which could then be relayed almost immediately to the shoot results section of the website?

We’ve not considered giving ranges reduced fees for submitting shoot stats online, but that doesn’t mean we won’t in the future. At the present time, it’s not possible to relay shoot results directly onto our website and declare them to be “Official.” That is one of the things that we are working toward; however, there’s a lot more to declaring the results official than one might think. That fact is proven by the many calls we get telling us that they were told they received “X” punches (or no punches) at the shoot while our website shows a different number. There are many reasons for the discrepancy, not the least of which is human error or misunderstanding about calculation of punches. If the National Delegates approve the proposed change in rules which will make the number of entries in class the only criteria for number of punches to be awarded, it will become a bit simpler.

Can the person who set the course receive punches? Does it matter if he or she shot the course prior to the registered shoot?

The person who set the course can shoot for “targets only” that do not count as a “shoot entry” or “entry in class” to determine number of punches to be awarded to other shooters, and, of course, the course setter does not receive punches himself. They are actually in same category as a “re-entry” (a person who comes back to shoot the course a second time and wants their targets registered).

When does the club membership expire?

December 31 of each year.

Can I pay online for club membership dues and shoot fees?

Yes, you can. Here are links to pay membership dues and Sporting Clays shoot fees.

What are the benefits of joining as an NSCA Member Club?

Member clubs are able to hold registered shoots, which attract more active shooters, and shoot dates are published in Sporting Clays magazine. Clubs are provided NSCA’s proprietary Gun Club Manual, which contains an abundance of helpful information, have access to exclusive member club information on this website, and have a toll-free number to call NSCA headquarters for assistance with shoot and club management. A very important benefit is the ability to buy discounted gun club liability insurance through SIAI. To learn about many more benefits, see Member Club Benefits.

What software can I use to run Sporting Clays shoots and then submit my scores in electronic format?

The following programs have been tested and approved by NSCA to receive electronic scores:

If you are not using these programs above to record scores, then you will need to mail the Official Entry Forms for the scores to be recorded by NSCA.

If you are a developer and wish to create software for Sporting Clays, please review this specification document.

What is required for electronic shoot reporting through WinScore, iClays and ScoringPROâ„¢?

Here are the steps for electronic shoot reporting:

What is required for shoot reporting that is not electronic, including E-Shoot Report?

These items are required:

  • Club name and number
  • Shoot’s name, number, and date
  • Each shooter’s name, NSCA member number, and class
  • For each shooter, the number of targets shot at and the number of targets hit (score)
  • Type of shoot form
  • If a shoot has more than one event, such as Preliminary, NSCA 5-Stand, and small gauge, clearly mark different events
  • Awards won for all classes, as well as CH and RU, if awarded
  • All memberships received, including Complimentary Limited Memberships
  • Completed financial form with payment
  • Mail to: Club Administrator, NSCA, 5931 Roft Road, San Antonio, TX 78253.

Does NSCA offer a Crossfire membership for clubs?

No, not at this time.