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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of the NSSA-NSCA

Effective November 1, 2010
(Approved: October 6, 2010)
(Revised: October 3, 2012)
(Revised: January 25, 2013)

The NSSA-NSCA currently collects the following personal information from all of its members:

  • Date of Birth
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Email Address (if available †necessary to access the “members only” section of the website)

The NSSA-NSCA does not collect social security numbers. However, state and federal law requires the NSSA-NSCA collect social security numbers from all individuals (members or otherwise) who win $600 or more annually in prize money paid by the NSSA-NSCA at headquarters in order for them to receive their winnings. These numbers remain confidential.

The NSSA-NSCA does not sell e-mail addresses or physical addresses to anyone.

The NSSA-NSCA does not release e-mail addresses or physical addresses to anyone other than NSSA-NSCA Member Gun Clubs and Shoot Management to be used exclusively for the management of NSSA and NSCA registered events and for no other purpose.

The NSSA-NSCA does not sell or release dates of birth or phone numbers to anyone.

Any member who does not wish to have their respective e-mail address or physical address be released to NSSA-NSCA Member Gun Clubs may formally request that this information not be released and the NSSA-NSCA will comply. Said requests should be directed to the Membership Secretary.