National Skeet Shooting Association
National Sporting Clays Association

Financial Statements

Founded in 1946 and headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, the National Skeet Shooting Association (“NSSA”) is a nonprofit organization owned and operated by its members. Its purpose is to foster national and international amateur sports competition in shotgun target shooting, particularly skeet and sporting clays shooting. A few of the means by which NSSA accomplishes its purpose are: (1) educating individuals in the proper conduct and effective techniques of shotgun target shooting and the safe and efficient handling of shotguns; (2) assisting other organizations in promoting amateur shotgun target shooting by maintaining a standard set of rules and regulations, keeping records, and publicizing activities; (3) sponsoring an annual World Skeet Shooting and National Sporting Clays Championship; and (4) publishing a monthly magazine called Clay Target Nation. In addition, National Sporting Clays Association (“NSCA”) is a division of NSSA and accomplishes many of the same objectives indicated above through the competition in sporting clays.

As an organization owned by its members, full financial reporting is available to NSSA’s membership.

See Financial Statements and Supplementary Data, Ending November 30, 2015

Inquiries regarding NSSA’s financial statements should be directed to:

    Steve Scales
    Finance Director
    210-688-3371, Ext. 131
    210-254-1531 (Direct)