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In November 1961 at the executive committee meeting in St. Louis, Zone 6 Director, Henry Alcus, proposed the foundation of a NSSA permanent library. Alex Kerr, NSSA President, appointed Alcus as chairman of a committee to establish and promote a project to create “The NSSA Permanent Library”.

Thus was born what became the NSSA/NSCA Museum and Hall of Fame. The beginning core of material was donated by Bill Foster, son of NSSA and Skeet’s founder, William Harnden Foster. From this start Alcus began to solicit and collect material related to Skeet and the NSSA. By 1969 he estimated about 10 cubic feet of material had been collected including all copies of NSSA’s first publication, The Skeet Shooting News (1931-1942), and all copies to date of The Skeet Shooting Review.

In 1973 the NSSA moved from Dallas to its new “permanent” home in San Antonio on the grounds of the Texas International Gun Club. This was later to become the National Gun Club, and finally the National Shooting Complex.

By 1989 it had become apparent that a dedicated facility was required to house all the Library’s records and artifacts. Under the leadership of Mike Hampton, the Executive Director, a project was undertaken to create that facility and the first NSSA/NSCA Museum and Hall of Fame building was born. However, it was not long before the growing collection out grew its confines.

In 2002 construction was started on the present building. It was completed and dedicated during the World Skeet Championships that October. Led by NSSA Director, Don Snyder, all of the contents of the old museum building were moved to the new facility and displays were set up.

In November 2002 Mike Brazzell volunteered to catalogue all the contents and set up displays in a more logical arrangement. Along with the help of Jim Harris the entire look has dramatically changed with the addition of oak and glass cabinets to display the artifacts. Additional lighting, a member’s library, storage space and numerous new displays such as the Robert Stack collection were also added.

Thanks to the generosity of industry sponsors and donations and efforts of individual members, your Museum and Hall of Fame is one of the most comprehensive and aesthetically pleasing facilities of its type. You are invited to use these virtual tours to get an idea of the appearance and contents. To really experience the atmosphere please make plans to visit during your next trip to the National Shooting Complex.