National Sporting Clays Association
National Sporting Clays Association

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So you’re interested in Sporting Clays, maybe you’ve shot a few rounds, and now you want to learn more. Great! We have some suggestions on how to learn more about the game, become more involved, and advance in the sport.

Join a local club. Not only can you have regular access to the club’s facilities, but joining a Sporting Clays club is the best way to meet fellow shooters who can enhance your enjoyment of the sport, encourage your participation, and help you learn.

Join NSCA. As an NSCA member, you’ll be able to shoot registered targets, have a subscription to Sporting Clays magazine, access members-only information and records at this website, and enjoy many more benefits.

Shoot registered targets. Competition and record-keeping are great encouragement as you work to improve your scores and ranking. And here’s a bonus: You’ll learn a great deal from shooting with and watching other good shooters who are competing. Don’t worry about being good enough to shoot with more experienced shooters; everyone competes within their own class, so you’re only competing against others at the same level.

Take lessons. Taking shooting lessons from an NSCA Certified Instructor can take years off your learning curve, and at later stages, a coach can help you tweak your performance. Certified Instructors are highly trained and experienced teachers who specialize in instructing students at different levels, from first-timer to master.

Keep shooting! There’s nothing like shooting a round of Sporting Clays to make you want to shoot more, learn more, meet more fellow Sporting Clays shooters, and become more involved. Experience really is the best teacher.