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Krieghoff All-American

Krieghoff All-American


The NSCA annually recognizes up to three All-American teams in each of the seven categories, with 10 members assigned to each team for a total of 30 members per category. Teams are selected solely by the All-American Points System. Each team listed below is based on the previous year’s shooting.

Open Team requires a minimum of 1200 registered targets.

Lady, Veteran, Super Veteran, and Senior Super Veteran Teams require a minimum of 1000 registered targets.

Junior and Sub-Junior Teams require a minimum of 800 registered targets.

To be eligible for All-American teams, a shooter must be a citizen of the U.S. and eligible for a U.S. passport.

A new procedure for determining some members of the Krieghoff All-American Team was implemented in 2014, after being enacted by the Competition Committee of the NSCA Advisory Council. In the past, if a person qualified for more than one team (i.e., Open and a concurrent and/or Lady and an age concurrent) the shooter had the choice of which team they wanted. To allow us to announce the teams in a more timely manner, a new procedure was put into place. If a person qualifies for more than one team, Open category is the first priority, then Lady, and age concurrent last. If a person qualifies in both the Open and/or Lady/age concurrent categories, they will be listed only in the Open category. If the person qualifies in the Lady and an age concurrent category, she will be listed only in the Lady category.

Only the Top 30 shooters from each category are listed. All shooters who tied for the last rank listed, 30th place, are displayed.

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All-American Points System

Change in the All-American Points System for 2012 Events / 2013 Teams:
For Open Team, All-American points are multiplied by the number of Master Class entries in events where there are 1-99 entries in an event and 100 or more entries in an event. For Concurrent Teams, All-American points are multiplied by the number of Concurrent entries in events where there are 1-99 entries in an event and 100 or more entries in an event. Previously, no shoots with less than 50 entries were used to assign All-American points for Concurrent Teams. The change allows all events, regardless of the number of entries, to assign All-American points to Open and Concurrent Teams.

For full criteria on the procedure used to award points and determine the All-American team, see All-American Points System.

Download All-American Points Calculation Procedures