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duPont/Krieghoff All-State Teams

duPont/Krieghoff All-State Teams

duPONT-KRIEGHOFF-NSCA-All-State (144x144)The NSCA annually selects an All-State Team for each state, consisting of 18 shooters each: 5 shooters from the Open category, 1 from each class, and 1 from each concurrent. Team selection priority is Open, concurrent, then class. Shooters who have been selected for All-American or All-Zone recognition are ineligible for All-State teams.

Mandatory participation in the State Championship is required for All-State honors. If there was not a State Championship, no team will be selected for that state. The NSCA All-State Team may be in addition to any team that may have been selected by the State Association.

Selection is based on wins, state shoot score, and total shoot performance. Team selection for each class is based on a shooter’s beginning year class. To be eligible for the Open team, shooters must have attained Master or AA classification by year-end. End-of-year residence determines state status.

Any individual must have shot a minimum of 500 registered targets within the home state to make the duPont/Krieghoff All-State Team. Each team is based on the previous year’s shooting. duPont/Krieghoff All State Team Calculations

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