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Level II Testimonials

Level II Testimonials

I enjoyed the class and your low key approach to training. I learned a tremendous amount of practical new skills and new and improved ways to delight the intermediate level shooter. I appreciate the time that you and Vince spent with me and I would not change much except perhaps to remind the level two candidates to introduce the mental game if appropriate for the client. Your demonstration on the five stand was very powerful. Finally, the “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” approach works for everything but your shotgun which desperately needs a paint job like Vince’s.

Best regards,
Roger Fehrman

Dear Gary and Vance,
I offer both of you my sincere thanks for your astute guidance through the Level II Certification exam. The candid, upfront teaching style coupled with your individual approaches for solution oriented successes created a relaxed and very enjoyable learning environment. It was truly a wonderful experience through out the three days.

The emphasis on keeping things simple, letting the sub conscious come to play, focusing on process rather than outcome, recognizing you are your own best coach and having a mental management system could not have been more appropriate nor better applied.

Even more meaningful than the satisfaction of successfully completing the Level II instructor certification exam I felt a unique camaraderie and sense of good fellowship amongst all the candidates and the instructors. I feel I made two new great friendsÅ I am in Texas often and should our trails cross again I will be the lucky one.

Thanks again.
Bob Standish

Just wanted you to know Mike did an outstanding job with the level one course. Great facility, great instructors and great instruction. He kept it interesting and it will even help me with my shooting. Looking forward to level 2 already. Take care.

Ronald J. Woznak

Gary and Vance,
This is a personal thank you for your time and patience through the Level II Certification process held at Harris Springs, South Carolina. You reminded us all that we are here to make the learning process fun , keep it simple and less is more. I must admit that I was a bit whipped after three days, but it was a great experience. The introduction to the mental side of the game has opened my eyes to the importance of introducing mental management early in the learning to shoot process.

I hope we cross paths again soon. If I can be of assistance in the future with certification classes in our area, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thanks again for providing an instructors certification program that has the student and the NSCA’s best interest.

Kindest regards,
Mike Bates
NSCA Certified Level II Instructor

Gary …… I just spent the weekend with you and Vance Barnes at the Level II Instructor School at Harris Springs Sportsman’s Preserve in South Carolina. Thank you both for a great weekend.

I observed 7 Level II candidates evolve from Friday to Saturday. Each candidate began the program as a Level I Instructor with talent at different levels. In 3 days, every candidate came out of the program a different instructor with teaching tools and confidence to be a Level II Instructor. Your style of managing the NSCA Instructor Certification Program allowed each candidate the opportunity to succeed. You run a great program. I would recommend the school to anyone.

One more thing, the combination of Gary Greenway and Vance Barnes made the weekend very enjoyable. Both of you were knowledgeable, demonstrated many teaching tools and were hard core when needed. I think you may describe yourselves as “oil and water, “and on Friday we may have all thought the same. By Sunday we figured out the two of you together were much more like “steak and taters.” The combination just works….don’t change.

Best Regards,
Donny Roth
NSCA Level II Instructor

First of all, I would like to thank you for making the long journey to Virginia on such short notice, as did some of us. What could have easliy been a negative experience, was quickly turned into a positive one. We must learn to focus our attention on those things that we can have an effect on, rather than dwelling on those things that we cannot change.

Both You and John were actually fun to be around, utilizing both humor and personal experience while instructing, which breeds a healthy and positive learning experience.

If I could single out one area in which I found to be most beneficial, it was in the walk abouts with you and John. It enabled me to learn from others positive and negative experiences, which helped to reenforce that each lesson must be taylored to the individuals ability and personality. Keep it Fun.

Overall course evaluation: A+

John Mascolino

Gary, I want to say up front that it was a pleasure meeting you and participating in your class. Also, congratulations on your performance at the Nationals.

I signed up for the course a bit concerned regarding how it would be handled and what would be expected of the students based solely on the quality of the Level II Instructors Manual. That was quickly turned around by the end of the first day.

I thought you maintained everyone’s attention through a combination of your knowledge and very easy teaching style.

Specific areas asked for input include:
Safety -This area was adequately covered both through discussions and on-field observations (sorry I forgot my glasses during a safety discussion).

Communication Skills – You have excellent communications skills. I especially thought your introduction of anecdotes and joking with some of the students both conveyed information and keep the class from becoming monotonous/boring. My observations were also that this technique, if heard by the student(s), was also a very effective way of sending personal recommendations to influence behavior change.

Patience – You were very effective in this area, especially when continually confronted with the same subject. I also think this would be very important with a student that might not pass the course and want further discussion to change your decision.

Teaching Style – Coming from the New Jersey/New York area I’m always having to slow myself down especially when running a course. I felt your pace was very good to both not run through the materials and maintain a sufficient pace to keep everyone’s attention. I found the “walk-arounds” with you and observing others teaching was extremely informative and I learned quite a bit. Not sure how much of the “bad” form I was involved in but: 1) I will be more conscious of breathing down someone’s neck; 2) Waving hands in front of the student; 3) counseling a student after “hitting” targets, etc.

Flexibility – Needless to say I had a bit of a personal interest here not knowing if I was going to be able to put in the time and effort having just completed a four week chemo regiment. But I think you were equally flexible with the other students, range management, etc. in conducting the course. Working out doors with the weather to contend with, and sharing the facilities with other paying customers requires continual assessment of the situation and I felt you did a great job all around.

Drive – You certainly enjoy teaching and that came through during your entire course.

Courtesy – Again, you exhibited a lot of skills during the course especially considering the diversity of students and shooters involved in the course.

I started teaching through John Alexander’s influence and have enjoyed every minute of it. Having beat the big “C” my plans are to retire early next year and spend a lot more time teaching, so the Level II is both timely and greatly appreciated. The only recommendation I would make for the course is to shorten it by one day, but we had discussed that at the end of the course.

I hope to see you again in the future, and may be better able to travel and attend more of the bigger shoots now that I don’t have any future treatments necessary after 4 1/2 years.

Thanks again and keep up the great work, John Decker

Critique of NSCA Level II Class Held at Deep River Sporting Clays, Sanford,NC March 23\25 2006

Honoring your request the following is my personal critique of the above-referenced class.
The Instructor was Bill Kempffer, NSCA Level III. Bill’s experience and knowledge of coaching and shotgun sports was a tremendous asset to the overall quality and success of the class.

The program consisted of approximately 95% interaction in the field with intermediate level practice students, and 5% classroom instruction.

Emphasis was on the following subjects:
Using a diagnostic tree starting at the target and moving down
Providing only positive feedback to student
Coaching as an art rather than a science
Mindful and mindless activities when shooting
Eye dominance
Coaching Techniques
Mental aspects
Gunfitting Basics

The information was presented to the candidates both in a structured form and on an as-needed basis when interacting with practice students in the field.. Level II candidates received daily personal critiques of their strong and weak points from the instructor The Instructor was well versed on all aspects of the material, and presented it in a clear and understandable manner. All the candidates questions were addressed by the instructor , and the answers were of benefit to all present. Interaction with the other candidates was an additional value to the program.

I feel that I have personally gained a tremendous amount of information and new/improved skills from the class. I have had the opportunity to put theses new skills to work and have seen results that are of benefit to my students. I would highly recommend this class to anyone wishing to pursue a coaching career in the shotgun sports.


Chuck Foster
NSCA Level II Instructor